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Frequently Asked Questions

What is YumYum Candy? 

YumYum Candy is a monthly subscription to only the best and hard to get candy from around the world. A team of experts assembles a carefully selected candy assortment of different flavors to satisfy each of your taste buds. All this will be delivered to your doorstep every month. 

What makes YumYum Candy special?

YumYum Candy offers the best value for your money. Our boxes only contain the best and popular candy from around the world that are either unique, retro, hard-to-find or they can simply be ridiculously yummy. In addition to that, we are the only subscription box in Canada that bills monthly and offers Rewards Program on all packages.

Will you send the same item more than once?

We promise you to be unpredictable and keep you excited all the time. It is highly unlikely to receive the same item for several consecutive months.

When do I get my box?

Place your order before the 15th of the month, so that you receive your YumYum box between the 20th and 25th of that same month.  

Can I cancel my subscription and how?

Well, as much as we hate to see you leave us, we made it very simple in case you made up your mind. All you need to do is send us an email not later than the 25th of the month before your subscription ends to stop the renewal of your subscription.

Is it possible to send a personalized message inside the box I am sending as a gift? 

We actually encourage you to do so. A nice meaningful message would make the gift even more valuable. During the purchase of the gift, you will have the opportunity to add your message. If you are trying to win someone's heart, you are on the right track ;)